Social media cleanse update

So my social media cleanse lasted about 4 days. I noticed my productivity increase but now I’m back on my BS. I noticed even when I’m around family, I’m so engrossed on twitter or instagram that I don’t pay attention to what they’re saying! It’s pretty intense. It’s so easy for me to be distracted and the intense NEED to be distracted. It’s hard for me to sit and eat without watching something again. So that’s definitely something I need to do again. I guess failure is inevitable sometimes with a big goal. I was told I might have an attention deficit but they don’t know for sure. My social media usage is really not helping.

Haven’t updated in awhile and I’m glad I finally am. The only way to beat my inconsistency  is to keep trying. Trying in different ways. I know my experiences with motivation and using social media isn’t unique and there’s many people that struggle with it. I keep hoping for when my blog becomes ultra positive and all about me thriving in all areas of my life. But I understand that’s not reality and maybe the people appreciate some realness? I’ve noticed great things happening. I’m hearing back from jobs I didn’t think I’d hear back from. I know good things are coming and I finally feel like I have some guidance in what I want to do at least for the next few years. Let’s give this social media cleanse another go! And I might as well add reducing coffee, sugar, and consistent exercise and meditation into my routine.  Let’s see how this goes!

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