Social media cleanse

I’ve been taking a break from instagram, twitter, Netflix and Hulu and been spending more time listening to soothing music, writing and focusing on making my success a priority. I did get back on these sites about 5 days after I kept up with the social media cleanse and it really showed me how quickly I become distracted. It even disrupts my sleep. What all these things have in common for me is that they’re all dopamine fixes. I get instant gratification from all of them so I don’t really have to think about my problems. But just because you avoid your problems doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Sure, I’ve still had bad days but I really do appreciate my willpower now. That willpower would be nothing without this trust app, called Self Control (It’s a real app you can download on your computer) that blocks websites. It doesn’t matter what you do, those sites are blocked for as long as you set it for.

I’ve journaled a lot more and made room to really enjoy my food and tea instead of drowning my experiences in a Netflix show or twitter thread. Right now I’m learning to post only sometimes and spend the majority of my day without my phone and without feeling the need to show what I’m doing all the time. I told my cousin the other day that I really had a problem because I’d keep making boomerang videos of my morning coffee, like how many do I need to post?? It’s a problem. I’m addressing it. Wish me luck.

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