Rejection Challenge

I plan on doing the Rejection Challenge, started by Jia Jiang’s who is featured on TED Talk and wrote the book “Rejection Proof.” The fear of failure and rejection is the primary reason I’ve stayed so dormant in my life. I don’t take the risks I should to truly foster my own growth. Rejection has in so many ways, hindered my road to success and is definitely a reason I’m in the rut that I am in life right now. With the rejection challenge, I’m going to put myself completely out of my comfort zone every week. Each week I’m going to do something that I’m most likely going to experience some kind of rejection from. Some of these will include :

  • Writing stories even when I KNOW I will reject them internally because of my perfectionism.
  • Putting myself in a very vulnerable position around people and crowds. Perhaps going to an open mic night.
  • Asking someone out for coffee.
  • Making long eye contact with people.

Here’s a link to the actual Rejection therapy page/challenge. I definitely will not do some of the things on this list but it’s a good source to have.

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