Where I’m at in my film-making

Let me start off by saying my film-making skills are still in their infancy! I’ve written a couple of scripts and am working on some now. Thankfully I minored in motion pictures and interactive media in college so I learned some things that will help me as I get into the film industry. I actually majored in computer science and I’m grateful that I did because I have a diverse amount of skills at the end of the day. A good friend and I actually made a couple of films in our film class last semester of senior year. I got to put a lot of my scripts to action. Our last film was definitely something I was proud of. I can hopefully scavenge through my files and find them because I would really love some feedback!
The film projects I want to work on in the 2018-2019 year will involve a lot self-discovery, mental health, LGBTQIA stories, and experiences of black women. It may take years to get a wider audience but I’m so excited to be producing content! I’m so thankful that I got to meet amazing people at the Janelle Monae pop-up screening and concert that I definitely want to involve in my film projects. Also my hope is that Janelle Monae will be in my films at some point! That would make my life.

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