My Travels


Travel is something I feel is necessary but I do recognize that it’s often a luxury for those that can afford it and can afford to take time off of work. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled overseas quite often in my life. I visit my extended family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia every couple of years. A lot of my time spent there is enjoying time with my grandmother and aunts and uncles in the house I was raised in. A lot of outdoor activities involved visiting cafes and friends’ houses. On one trip with my dad, we visited many historical landmarks like the ancient churches in Lalibela, the castles in Gondar, and a museum that contained Lucy (Australopithecus Afarensis). I also have aunts and uncles I’ve visited in Melbourne, Australia and have dozens of stuffed kangaroos and koalas to prove it.

I worked as an ios developer intern and student for iXperience in Capetown, South Africa. Shortly after the new year in 2018, I went on a “Thotties” trip with my cousin and her friends and we had an AMAZING time in Athens, Greece and Barcelona. We ate amazing food and had a ton of unforgettable experiences.

Travel has definitely helped me learn who I am in different places. In Capetown, I found that I was starting to get out of my shell and being more open with people I’m getting to know. It’s really then that I felt comfortable approaching people and even told a boy from my program that I liked him the night before we were all flying home. I mean it didn’t make sense but it truly made me feel braver. Traveling has also taught me how kind people can be. I’ve had a handful of bad experiences traveling that I am very open in sharing. I honestly plan on traveling all my life in order to really get to know different cultures and figure out who I can become once I make myself more open to different ways of life.

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