My self-care journey

I’m not going to pretend like I am the master of self-care. I am far from it! A lot of my habits: procrastination, self-criticism and overthinking has wreaked havoc on my overall health. The temporary strategies that have helped me unwind is taking Epsom salt baths, wearing face-masks and having tea with friends or family. These strategies surely helped me while I was in college but I’m noticing a change in myself now. I’m no longer content with how life is going so I’ve changed my self-care habits.
Living at home, I like to take care of myself by using my oil diffuser. A citrus scent always lifts my mood and lavender helps me sleep. I listen to ASMR every night to lull me to sleep as well as sooth me when I have a panic attack. I’ve also been journaling a lot, which has helped me come to terms with where I am in life. Another strategy is making myself leave the house and interact with people. Often, a trip to the bookstore or Starbucks will lift my mood simply because I need a change of scenery.
I’ve definitely accepted the fact that self-care involves being consistent in satisfying your personal goals which is why all the little acts of self care were always just a band-aid to my general unhappiness. I find exercise tiresome to even contemplate but I think it’s because I’m making weight loss my goal. I read a twitter post that talked about healing your body through exercise and that really resonated with me! In order to truly care for yourself, you have to be sure of why you want to accomplish your goals. It can’t be something someone pushed on you.
My new self-care routine will be showing up for myself when I intend on finishing something, continuously unlearning my own beliefs about being broken, and doing yoga and light exercise to heal my body from all the depression and anxiety I’ve experienced.

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