About Me

I’m Eden! I’m 22, Ethiopian, living in Georgia currently after 4 years of undergrad at I’m pro-black, pro-immigrant, pro-LGBTQIA and I believe in lifting the voices of marginalized people. I was raised in Ethiopia for 5 years by my grandparents and aunts and uncles. I joined my parents in Georgia leading to a very challenging few years in my life. I was very home-sick, didn’t know any English and completely shocked by the drastic change in my life. My first couple of months in school were hectic because of my intense fear of not knowing my surroundings. My sister, Hanna, was born when I turned 6. Things got better after I entered ESOL and was introduced to my cousins, Tsion, Abe and Dagm. I met my favorite teacher, Mrs.Gibson-Colemon who I am still in touch with. She and my first nice Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Brush, made school out to be a happy place, instead of one I was afraid of.
Let’s fast forward a little… Growing up, I depended highly on the opinions of others. Every compliment would re-affirm that I was worthy, and every criticism would quickly delete that affirmation. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin due to bullying in middle school. For a long time, I didn’t call it bullying because I’ve been called oversensitive my whole life. Acknowledging what it truly was is one of the many ways I’ve been unlearning the myths I’ve believed. My experience feeling like I didn’t fit in as well as racism I’ve encountered has truly caused me to reflect and work on loving me despite outside opinions.
Healing is such a difficult process and for a long time, I believed that I was something that needed to be fixed. I was wrong and others that I idolized were right and capable. A friend of mine told me that is a story that I’ve made up. Years of internalizing will hammer that into your subconscious.
Writing is my passion, but I’d find myself deleting my work because I was convinced it wasn’t good enough. I find that there’s certain habits that truly hinder my growth. I have other goals too that I haven’t been able to accomplish, and it lies on the fact that I need to believe in my capability. I need to nourish myself mentally and spiritually to feel capable. So welcome to my journey 🙂 I hope my sharing will help you in your personal journey as well.

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